Well, it's been a very slow year so far.  Thanks rain, thanks wind, thanks work...yeah, I'm talking to you work. 

Anyways, while at work, I witnessed my first chasing activity of the season.  Apparently, 50mph winds gets them excited.  It was just a 2.5yo 7point with his nose to the ground with all of his attention on a single doe that didn't seem to bothered by his presence.  I'd have to say that he's expecting her to go into estrous soon and he wants to be there when she's easy. 

Tomorrow is looking great!  Partly Cloudy with a high of 45 with 8mph WSW winds and only 10% chance of rain.  Looking like an all day sitter for my first day of vacation! 

Kick the tires, light the fires...ready, set, break!!
Piebalds 10/05/2009
When out this evening hoping to have a close encounter with a piebald doe Jandin and I have seen a few times over the last couple of years.  Well...we did have a sighting while on stand, but she just wouldn't cross the road.  Of course all of the gawkers stopping their vehicles and watching didn't help matters any.

Oh well, we're still targeting that piebald and hope to put her down this season!!
Well, Don laid the smack down on a big Northern MI Black Bear this past weekend.  Talk about an experience. 

A great do-it-yourself hunt on public land is something to be proud of.  Getting a trophy caliber bear to go with it
...well that's just priceless.